Bewitched Deeluxe

Just a reminder...

Halloween 2010
Halloween 2010
Its time for my birthday party again!

The Evil Dr. Q and his sonic dance assault!
Sabrina's Super Soldier Serum, guaranteed to make you feel invincible!
Costume contests with prizes from the House of Toys!
Super party games!
And the Trouble Alert!

1) $5 CASH donation for entry. Bring me a present if you want, I won't mind!
2) BYOB is A-OK- I will have some booze for 21 & up, but if you have a preference, bring it.
3) Wear a costume. Seriously. It's a Halloween party, remember?
4) Behave like an LSU fan at D*C and you get bounced. Hard.
5) Lock your car and leave nothing of value in it. Parking is where you find it!
6) You can dress up as whatever you like, but super heroes (and villains) get the best treatment!
7) Come and have the time of your life!

I'm asking for a $5 donation this year at the door because donations in previous years have been a little weak, and it costs a few bucks to throw this shindig, and frankly, we're broke! It's still less than you would pay to hang out in some warehouse and I guarantee a good time and you won't go thirsty, to be sure.

Come on down, hang out with your friends and let's party, folks!